From Mamasu with LOVE....

oh i really heart this pic... she is Mamasu's niece and still young!! haha.. sibuk SPM yeh skarang? Mamasu is our new customer actually and she ordered this for her niece's belated birthday present.. sporting sungguh Mamasu kan kan kan???
just ignore the transparent plastic wrapper...

that 'love' symbol is designed by framekasih to show the 'love' from mamasu to her niece!! haha.. to mamasu, we hope you and your niece LOVE the frame!!

p/s: we can put any 'text' on that frame, but please make sure it's short and simple!!! TQ readers!!!



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  1. niece suke sgt2 frame tu..mamasu die lg la suke kan..hehe..anyway tq so much for making this belated bday present yg paling cool skali..nnt i email u pic yg lain plak k..tq again..mmuuaahh;-)~