another frames...

i'm sorry for not updating this blog for quite a long time..huhu...i'm not feeling well lately.. but orders are still open for u guys!!! no worries.. u can still email your favourite photo to me coz i check email almost everyday!!! (except weekend..hehehe)...

i'll try my best to update this blog regularly.. for now, i just upload 2 frames for u to view..heheh.. my customer from Johor ordered this (sephia)

my customer Nurul (who's still studying overseas) asked me to post this frame to her parents for their wedding anniversary gift... so sweet kan????? and i'm glad her parents like it so much!!


  1. filla... nice job..

    nk tanye, klu pic tu color, u akan adjust bg cantik jd black n white ke camne???

  2. farra8979: hi... yes, we'll do it for you.. just send us the original picture... itu sajer..hehe