~Happy New Year~
sorry for delaying updates :(
but don't worry, business is on dear!!!! customers keep emailing us non-stop..Alhamdulilah..
so here i compile lotsa pics for you guys to view.. maybe next time u'll be one of our customer, who knows? ;)

oh ohhhh.. LOVE.LOVE.LOVE them... my repeat customer Nad.. tq Nad, love your adorable daughter!! macam anak mat salleh ;)

family pic, father & daughter sweet moment

mommy & daughter.... and cute lil pie...
self potrait

a gift by someone who really care

sephia colour, ok yer, not all pics really perfect utk apply sephia colour.. but pics above tu mmg very nice kan?

sweet moment


yeah this one too ;)

with grandmom & grandpa.. comey comey...

my customer from Subang, Ambia..

birthday gift from gf.. hehehehe...

we changed the plate number to his name.. and short birthday message there.. kewl?

cute daughter

with round wide eyes ;)

short text as requested by customer

we've few frames to pass before we go for vacation.. ermmm.. the rest tu, i pass later k? we'll be outstation from 12th Feb till 16th Feb.. we'll check your email after 17th....
oh ya, pls get back to me if i didn't reply your email within 2 days... takut email tu i tak receive pon sebenarnya :(
ok lah, gtg, we LOVE u all.. muachssssssssssssssssss!!!