We are happy to make you happy!!!

surprise birthday gift from wife to hubby..

this pic: happily engaged.... and now happily married!!! congrats!!

happy smile of him...

*just let us make your day!!!

From Mamasu with LOVE....

oh i really heart this pic... she is Mamasu's niece and still young!! haha.. sibuk SPM yeh skarang? Mamasu is our new customer actually and she ordered this for her niece's belated birthday present.. sporting sungguh Mamasu kan kan kan???
just ignore the transparent plastic wrapper...

that 'love' symbol is designed by framekasih to show the 'love' from mamasu to her niece!! haha.. to mamasu, we hope you and your niece LOVE the frame!!

p/s: we can put any 'text' on that frame, but please make sure it's short and simple!!! TQ readers!!!



It's Wedding time.. and the right time to choose the right gift!!!!

Another wedding frames!!!

So beautiful kan? macam kerabat raja gitu..heheheh....

this one ordered by my oldfriend - Maizatul Adilah for her friend's wedding gift!!!

oh tips lagi.... if u decided to choose 'framekasih' for your friend's wedding gift, it's better for you to ask your friend for the actual size pic... just tell them that u're planning to give them something yang sangat lovely and valuable..hihi... jgn curi2 from their facebook or blogs (i bet they resized their pic)!! we need actual size pic which is 700KB and above!! the bigger the better!!!

another frames...

i'm sorry for not updating this blog for quite a long time..huhu...i'm not feeling well lately.. but orders are still open for u guys!!! no worries.. u can still email your favourite photo to me coz i check email almost everyday!!! (except weekend..hehehe)...

i'll try my best to update this blog regularly.. for now, i just upload 2 frames for u to view..heheh.. my customer from Johor ordered this (sephia)

my customer Nurul (who's still studying overseas) asked me to post this frame to her parents for their wedding anniversary gift... so sweet kan????? and i'm glad her parents like it so much!!