Meeting my customers...

we usually deliver the frames during weekends.... and the first pic here is.... my hubby's friend!!!! he was searching for canvas frame actually, and he found my blog...and he was shocked to know that 'this guy' next to him is actually my husband... hahaha.... nak discount yeh? yes we can give you discount, but you have to order at least 5 frames!!! hihihiiiiii.... oh that frame is for his lovely wife belated birthday present... hope she likes it.... -the wife-
ahh.. yang ni pulak my friendly customer... sgt friendly sampai i rasa sgt comfortable beborak sakan!!! .... pic of her daughter!!! nice meeting you!!! sorry gambar kita blur!!

her daughter's first pic

2nd pic
love her smile....

will deliver this tomorrow.....

i love this as well... nicely captured...

auwwww *smooch smooch*

p/s: sorry to my other customers... i tak sempat snap terus deliver!!! huhuhuuuuu... been very busy lately!!!!


  1. Filla, tq so very much 4 da frame! Next time I nak order 4 my brother pulak, 4 his brand new house. I saje tayang kat atas kabinet kat ofis I, so ramai dah berkenan... Tunggu je la order dr diorg lak ek! Trimas, hope 2 c u again

  2. tak pa no hal...thanks filla sbb siapkan my frame b4 open house! suke sgt..ramai yang suka..kakak ipar i nak order..nnt dia tgh pilih gambar...dah pilih sok i email!

    p/s: i dah tolong promo kat blog!

  3. Ira Hashim and Anese: thank you thank you.. glad u like the frames!!!!

  4. wah tekejut jap tgk the last pic yg pipi kena penyet tu...coz i took tat photo, hihi =)