Me bizi with my frame biz..

ok.. these are few pics me bz doing my frame biz... the pics captured using phone ;)
double check orders from customers..
we were running out of time.. so we have to bring all the frames together with us.. sometimes at ampang..and sometimes at Shah Alam.. fuh? tiring kan?
we give full commitment for our customers satisfaction of course!!!

sometimes we've to reject orders because the pic that u guys sent is not acceptable..we will ask our customer to find another good pic and resend to us...we will make sure our customers love it and they will keep coming back and order more..haha..

that's all for now.. Selamat Berpuasa from Framekasih!!!

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  1. :: wah! wah!
    :: dah jadik BUSINESS WOMEN erk kak filla kite ni..
    :: hehehe..
    :: bagus2..
    :: mencari rezeki selagi berdaya..
    :: :)
    :: mane gambo dak acih nyibuk2 tak de ke?
    :: :p