The Making Of...

haha.. let me show u guys what we did last two weeks...

we usually try to finish the final part on saturday... The Boss (pak radie) always buzy maaa!!.. i'll check and reply emails during weekdays.sometimes The Boss didn't come home!!!..and i usually wait for The Boss to come home and final check the pic sent by the more lazy saturday for us.... i've set my mind what time should we wake up in the morning... but i'm so happy doing something that i love!!!

my chinese customer.. ordered 3 frames.. and this is her sista's pic on her convocation day..

oh my favourite frame... hahah.. like magazine cover right?..heheh.. very nice.. and she's sending more pics to be framed... ok Nad, don't worry.. will do our best!!

that's all for now... i'll only upload pic which i've delivered to the owner... tu pon bukan sumer.. ada yg sensored juger ;)

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