Check these out!!!!!!!

more frames uploaded!

check them out!!!

wedding pic

we love this pic.. and this customer requested a short text 'Sarangheyo Korea 2010'..

the short text

family picture

this one too..

what a lovely pic..


a gift to her sayang.. lovely isn't it?

it's our creativity to make it sweet and suitable.. just give us the short text and trust us!


sephia colour

sephia colour

sisters (black & white)

more pictures to be uploaded here, but i won't reveal before we deliver to the customers ;)

we'll be at Subang Parade this Saturday to pass 14 frames to the customers!!!!!! can't wait to upload the beautiful frames here...

stay tune!!!!!!


  1. cun kak kesemuanya... lg pulak gambar saya pun ada terselit di atas tu hehehe :D

    nanti nak order lagi....

  2. kak filla thank you. Suka cara akak dealing with customers. sampai on time tu yg penting hehe. Then terselit gmbr kite skali kt atas tu terharu :)) Peace^^

  3. slm...
    kalau nak tempah mcmana? sebab saya duduk jauh..

  4. erin & simple me: tqvm ;)

    anonymous: nak tampah just email your pic to us.. luar kl ada charges utk pos.. tq

  5. as salam nak tanya...klu order 6pcs ader disc tak? and how much is the courier postage for 6 pcs?

  6. sangat memorable ever. will contact u cik puan filla.. :)