A-Haaaaaa!!!!!! i love cat, i love cat, i love cat!!! hahahah... this is awesome right???...

this cat belongs to my customer Ain.. but sadly her cat died last september due to congestive heart failure.. oh my... :( ... ermmmm i think this is the best gift for herself... i adore your cat Ain..
because this is special, i'm not going to upload other pictures/frames in this entry!!!

hey u out there, send us your pet's picture now, and we will frame it nicely just like what Ain did.. i bet your pet needs a frame too! hahaaaaaaa...


  1. awwwww... so sweet of you filla. Bila Filla tunjukkan je masa collect hari tu, all the emotions came back. At first pikir maybe it wasnt such a good idea, sebab nanti selalu ingat kat dia jadi sedih, but i's the other way around. looking at his frame, reminds me of all the unconditional love he gave and the memories together. Thank you Filla. It was PURRFECT :)


  2. AIN: owwwhhh sedihnye comment ni ain.. i did have a cat long time ago.. pastu mati accident.. my bro terlanggar masa reverse kereta.. seminggu i tak makan! sedih gile :( tapi tak pe.. at least u've his pic with you..