This time we'll share few celebrities pictures ordered by my customers Kak Zai and Intan.... thank you for ordering with us!!! i've to wait for their signal before i can publish these pics here... to the celebrities, we wish you happy belated birthday!!!!!!
i bet everybody out there knows her right? who else, Fara Fauzana (Fafau)!!!!! Hot FM's Dj and also a presenter, an actress... ermmm... she's a talented celebrity with no controversy at all.. well done Fara!

a birthday gift from Kak Zai and Intan to Fara Fauzana...

Anne (Hot FM's Dj) ordered by Kak Zai and Intan... nice picture selection! we love it... hehe...

Both of the Hot Djs....

another frame (Fara with her mom)

Kak Zai with Farah Asyikin (she's a singer)

close up!!!


  1. tqvm kak filla,good jobs,anne suka sgt2...
    kiteorg lagi la suka sgt2,heheee
    next time cnfrm order lagik.. ;) ( intan )

  2. perrhhh close up lagi tu ... segannn la plak... pic artis2 tu mmg cun... anyway TQ filla... nice to know u... -kak zai-

  3. u're welcome Kak zai and Intan!!!!

  4. aww my maksu cantekk (: