Welcome people!

Have a look at our Linen Frames collection here!!! u guys can order yours too!!!!

it's perfect to hang your kids' frame on your wall

we give you some ideas here... why don't you guys give this to your friend as their wedding gift? not a bad idea huh?.

everybody loves surprises!!! surprise your loved one on her/his birthday or on any special occasions...wedding anniversary? valentine's day? father's day? mother's day?

these are another examples!!! already hanged on the wall...

We also receive orders for home decoration... we can provide you with the picture as u request.. flowers...fruits (for kitchen maybe?).... animals.... and almost anything!!!

We will edit the photos that you send..no worries...

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  1. hurm, i slah seorg yg dh order frame u..mmg puas ht..now sdg berkira-kira tuk antr lg pic tuk diframe kan cuma msh blm berkesmptn, maybe if kewangn stabil, i'll post my pic tuk diframe, but kali neh nk sephia tone lak..apa2 pun not promise..